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80 Badass Quotes About Training

His eyes were nearly closed and his limbs had to struggle to remain still rather than follow along with the beat, but he gladly accepted this limitation as his lips quietly formed the words of the song. He is the world's second time traveler, the first to travel backwards in time and the first human to travel though time. He was also a high school student at Hill Valley High School in He is best friends with Dr. Emmett Brown , who unveiled his first working invention to him. He was the youngest of three children. He had a brother Dave , who was born in , and sister Linda , who was born in


Background[ edit ] The inherent inaccuracy of anti-aircraft artillery means that when shells reach their targets they are randomly distributed in space. This distribution is much larger than the lethal radius of the shells, so the chance that any one shell will successfully hit the target is very small. Successful anti-aircraft gunnery therefore requires as many rounds to be fired as possible, increasing the chances that one of the rounds will get a "hit".

During The Blitz , UK gunners fired 49, shells in January for 12 kills, almost 4, shells per success. Flying at higher altitudes often has a similar effect, as it requires larger shells to reach those altitudes, and this typically results in slower firing rates for a variety of practical reasons.

Stick your finger, washers, or whatever up an exhaust and it will change things.

I wish you were on the football team because I'd love to see your backfield in motion. Have u ever been fishing before Girl: I think we should hook up! If I buy a soccer ball, will you kick it with me? You might not be a Bulls fan, but I know you felt it when this D rose. Hey gurl, how about you make like the Patriots and deflate these balls. Do you play volleyball? Because you look like your good on ur knees! Do you play basketball?

Cause my balls are in your court.

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What are you, afraid? I thought powerlifters were supposed to be big, tough guys. Strap your cock on, leave your pussy at home, put a bar on your back and bend your knees! As you improve, your training must evolve. And a lot of guys evolve by trial and error. If you understand the physiology of what you need and you also understand the training effects of different means and methods, you can then apply the right tool for the job.

Life is capable of driving you out of your mind.

If you want to make power on a multi-cylinder engine you have to use a collector system. Whether it's a V-Twin or a V-8 it's the same, and no less an authority than the famed engine builder Smokey Yunick will tell you that. Not using free exhaust energy to help your engine breathe is downright criminal. No matter what the conventional wisdom is, staggered duals on a Harley will not make more power.

You simply cannot escape the fact that a properly designed will give you more useable torque where you need it, in the to rpm range, which means less downshifts and less rpm to get the job done. A set of short staggered duals at peak rpm can be made to produce good power but they will be dead on their ass until they get there, whereas an engine developed around an LSR exhaust can be made to perform from the bottom up with no dips in the torque band!

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Strap your cock on, leave your pussy at home, put a bar on your back and bend your knees!

MIM-3 Nike Ajax

They concluded that the Nike B Hercules could be adapted into an anti-ballistic missile with relatively few changes to the missile.


But with those exceptions, Hercules was operationally similar to Ajax, and designed to operate at existing Ajax sites, using their launchers and underground facilities.

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An analog computer would calculate the impact point and send guidance signals to the missile encoded in the second radar's signals, [1] and detonate the warhead on command as opposed to a proximity fuse.

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Upon learning that Doc intended to travel 25 years into the future, Marty asked him to come look him up when he got there, which Doc promised he would.

Nike+ Fuelband SE in Pink Foil - Unboxing and Set Up

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