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Bono will break U2’s pledge against golf for AIDS charity

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U2’s Bono Explains His Need For Sunglasses (VIDEO)

For many, U2 have been a constant that never left. The beaming Glaswegian I chatted to on the train had seen them 14 times, the first of which was at Murrayfield in The Joshua Tree was the album that changed everything for U2. Indeed, back in , they were at a crossroads. They were household names, for sure, thanks to two UK number one albums and a world tour that culminated in their esteemed Live Aid performance. But to many they were still considered too punky or too experimental to take over the world.

People, April 1, ; July 8,

The year-old insisted that he believes they will keep making music until they die, because they are so defined by their roles in the band that they are otherwise 'unemployable'. Bono says U2 will never split up Bono said: There's only one way out, in a coffin. The film centres on the making of the album in Berlin, which helped the band's reinvention, and is directed by Davis Guggenheim.

Bono and guitarist The Edge R pose with director David Guggenheim at the launch of U2 documentary From The Sky Down And the singer admitted that watching the film had been difficult, because he wants to focus on the future instead of the past. We're not very good at looking back at things. I mean Edge - when he put together our Best Of collections - forced me, actually had to physically force me, to listen to it before it went out.

But you know, for this album, we made an exception. Bono admitted he could not see the appeal of the documentary Photo op: An eager fans takes a photo of herself with Bono While he turned up at the gala screening and happily took photos with and signed autographs for fans, Bono confessed that he does not see why people would find the film appealing. I don't know why anyone would watch it, I really don't. L-R Larry Mullen Jr. They are still as strong as ever and headlined Glastonbury festival earlier this year.

Bono Reveals He Almost Died While Recording The Latest U2 Album

Nadia Murad Yazidi human rights activist Ashley Graham plus-size model Brandon Milbradt executive video producer Emily Doe Stanford sexual assault case survivor Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi and Patrisse Cullors founders of Black Lives Matter movement There was confusion surrounding the decision to include a Man of the Year award in an event created to celebrate women and their achievements.

Others were simply confused because they had mistaken the news and thought Bono had won a Woman of the Year award. Bono, 56, in created the Poverty Is Sexist campaign that is aimed at helping the world's poorest women through better access to education, health services and business opportunities. Bono thanked Glamour for the award, saying in a statement that the "battle for gender equality can't be won unless men lead it along with women".

Leaders are accountable to all of us.

I don't know why anyone would watch it, I really don't.

Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Ali Hewson, wife of rock star Bono, said t that their marriage is successful because they allow each other to chase their goals. They are also working hard to ensure their four children are not spoiled by the trappings of fame. Despite U2 rocking the world with huge album sales and Bono entering the political arena, the family still lives in relative peace in their home city of Dublin.

The tightly knit couple, who have been married for years, are quietly raising Jordan, 15, Eve, 13, Elijah, five and three-year-old John Abraham to appreciate how lucky they are. And although they have much more than Bono and I did growing up - Bono's dad was in the postal service my mum and dad had an electrical business - we don't spoil them," said Hewson, who has been shot at during missions to Sarajevo and El Salvador.

Trips It is similar trips to hard hit regions, like Ethiopia some years-ago for Band Aid, that have inspired some of her campaigns. Another visit to the devastated regions of Africa prompted her latest venture - an ethical clothing range. The campaigner, who began fundraising for the children of Chernobyl in and left their offspring with Bono to drive an aid ambulance to Belarus, personally inspects every small factory that makes the clothes in Africa, Peru, India and Tunisia.

As a mother, she could not wear clothes made by hard-pressed children, she said. They have taken their children on many trips, such as Sarajevo, where U2 played a concert to help the war stricken region. Their eldest, Jordan, said:

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Known globally as one of the greatest guitarists of all time, he has recorded thirteen studio albums with the band and one solo record. His use of effects, particularly delay, as well as his minimalistic playing is what creates Edge's signature chiming sound. After David's father was offered a promotion in , Edge's parents decided to leave Chadwell Health and the family moved to County Dublin, Ireland, when Edge was one year old.

Edge attended St Andrew's National School where he received piano and guitar lessons. The band didn't emerge as U2 until , just after Dik left the group.

He still carries the scar.

January 11, , Who knows what lurks in the hearts of men We don't know if he did or not All these women on this board saying he would never do this or that. Excuse were in the living room when Bono came home after he went to a club with Penelope at 4 am? Or better yet were you in their bedroom when pictures surface of him and Naomi or female fan he gyrated on stage?

And how about the Facebook page with those teenagers but prior he gave a speech about empowering women? Do you think his wife know that Bono tongued Liam Galagher of Oasis? I would've mind being a fly on that wall that night when the stuff hit the fan! You women just HOPE he wouldn't do it because that would mean he is human.

Bono reveals he always wears sunglasses because of glaucoma

As a rock star, his music with U2 has earned him legions of devoted fans across the world, whilst as a humanitarian and crusader for the world's poor, co-founder of organisations such as DATA and the ONE Campaign, he has gained deep respect from politicians and global statesmen as well as music fans. His rare ability to effectively straddle the spheres of both entertainment and politics remains rivaled by few in the realm of popular culture, and his determination to change the world for the better continues to inspire millions on both sides of the political divide.

It's perhaps unsurprising that Bono's unusual adult existence was preceded by a less-than-ordinary upbringing. As a child Paul Hewson was a precocious, outspoken and thoughtful boy whose early experiences did much to shape his later life as one of the most important figures in Irish history.

Music continues to run in the family, with Jordan on piano and Eve wreaking havoc on the drums in their Killiney homestead.

He has one sister, Jill, and one brother, Dik, who was also one of the founder members of U2's forerunner, The Hype, before leaving to join the Virgin Prunes. Having moved to Ireland while David was still at school, the Evans family settled in St. Mary Park Road, Malahide - an affluent area north of Dublin. His mother was friendly with Adam's mother, Jo, so he and Adam knew each other before the band was formed.

It was while in Malahide that he attended Mount Temple Comprehensive School and met the rest of the band. Many theories exist concerning how Edge came to get his unusual name. As teenagers, he and Bono were both members of a group called Lypton Village, where everyone was given a name that suited them as opposed to the one they'd been born with. Some say that the name The Edge was chosen due to his 'edgy' style of guitar playing, while others say it was because he rarely became fully involved in things, preferring instead to remain 'on the edge'.

Either way, the name stuck. Edge learned guitar mainly by playing over records that the rest of the band supplied him with. Rory Gallagher and Tom Verlaine were early influences, although the fledgeling U2 covered anything from The Moody Blues to The Sex Pistols - in fact it was the realisation that they were not a good cover band that forced them to start writing their own material and become good.

Edge developed a distinctive style that he described as "doing the work of two", as he liked to fill every spare moment with guitar. He has always seen himself as the opposite of the stereotypical guitar hero, preferring instead to think of himself as someone who communicates something meaningful through his music in a way that means something to the listener. While some detractors claim that Edge's style is simplistic, others have praised him for defining his own sound.

Ed Sheeran and U2 cancel St Louis shows over security concerns

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However, medicine's loss was music's gain, and Edge's career with U2 was settled.

Bono Bono born , the Irish-born lead singer and guitarist of the rock band U2, has also gained acclaim—and sometimes criticism—for his many efforts on behalf of humanitarian causes that range from the AIDS crisis in Africa to debt reduction in impoverished Third World nations. As lead singer in one of the most popular rock bands of all time, Irish-born guitarist Bono has become familiar to the general public as much for his support of social causes as for his trademark blue sunglasses and his energetic performances as lead singer in the musical group U2.

Bono went from wowing concert audiences with songs such as "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" during the s to spearheading benefit tours during the s to speaking about Africa's AIDS epidemic before a church congregation in Lincoln, Nebraska, in His father was Catholic, his mother Protestant, and the religious differences their relationship represented played themselves out almost daily, not in the Hewson household, but in the violence erupting nearby in Northern Ireland. This turmoil was not lost on young Bono.

Coming to embrace the Christian faith while in his 20s, the musician was quoted on World Faith News online as revealing to talk-show host Larry King:

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We have a stormy relationship because she is her own woman. We allow each other to pursue our goals. I wouldn't want to be married to someone who wasn't happy with what they were doing in life, and B wouldn't either. I have learned a lot about what it means to be married, how great it can be if you persevere. He says I'm very good with the dog whistle.

As a child Paul Hewson was a precocious, outspoken and thoughtful boy whose early experiences did much to shape his later life as one of the most important figures in Irish history.

Print It's always interesting when surprising news gets lost in the buzz of other comparatively mundane developments. Journalists call it "burying the lead," an occupational hazard when you're easily distracted by shiny objects and sexier details. So, for a moment, you might want to ignore all the buzz about the start of U2's arena tour in two weeks and its innovative staging and sound system. Instead, get a load of this: Bono was so badly injured in that bicycle accident he had earlier this year in New York's Central Park that it's as if his left hand is in rigor mortis.

Bono also said his broken elbow and forearm are so numb he can't play guitar. He noted his fractured eye socket and shoulder are feeling better, but estimates it'll be "about 13 months" before he knows whether feeling will be restored to his left hand. Oh, by the way: One of the stages will be shaped like an I, a nod to last year's "Songs of Innocence" album.

A series of suspended speakers throughout the arena is expected to deliver a "uniformly transparent" sound at even volume no matter where you're sitting. No word on whether Bono is ever getting back on a bicycle.

One more step

Adam 53 married his Brazilian model girlfriend Mariana de Carvalho at the ceremony attended by a small group of close friends and family. He had proposed to Mariana at the Carnival in Brazil earlier this year following a four-year romance. Neither lead singer Bono nor drummer Larry Mullen were present at the civil ceremony but Mullen was seen arriving at a small celebration with Adam and his new bride at their plush 18th Century home in Rathfarnham later on. The happy couple posed for pictures in the sunshine at the registry office before they were whisked away, along with Mariana's family, in a small convoy of black people carriers.

We weren't of an age to go out partying as such but I don't think anyone slept that night

Arrow icon Has there ever been a band that feels as desperate a need to matter as U2? The Irish rock superstars, whose 14th album, Songs of Experience, comes out Friday are still wildly successful when it comes to selling concert tickets. Sure, even his most ardent fans must get sick and tired of the lead singer, the most messianic frontman in the history of rock and roll, whose save-the-world hubris was made manifest in the rollout of the album Songs of Innocence, which was placed in the music library of iTunes users throughout the world , like it or not.

The band finally caved with the Joshua Tree anniversary tour, but until then, the foursome that has been together for 40 years without a lineup change had held nostalgia at bay. The album — which, along with its predecessor, takes its title, with characteristic chutzpah if not insufferable pretension, from a William Blake poetry collection — has been much delayed. That song also seems to allude to another as yet not-spoken-about health crisis for the year-old songwriter, who coyly shares: With Songs of Experience all but finished, the music was overtaken by world events.

The answer, the album that was chiefly produced by Jacknife Lee and Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic with assistance from many others suggests, is to provide optimism and inspiration, and to repeatedly revisit the motif of shining a guiding light just when the night is at its darkest. The lyric argues for a carpe diem engagement with rather than a retreat from the world: But U2 has played the unity-will-conquer-all card too many times already for it to resonate fully.

Ali Hewson

Record company executives are present, and four days later U2 sign an international deal with Island Records. The band record their first album in Windmill Lane Studios. U2 play their first open-air festival to an audience of 15, at Leixlip Castle in Kildare.

You women just HOPE he wouldn't do it because that would mean he is human.

Share this article Share Bono's dark-haired wife looked great in a white beach coverup that showed the lean legs on the mother of four. Bono wore a Panama hat with a black ribbon and a red rose to Club 55 Ali went beach casual in flip-flops and also wore a pair of dark sunglasses and carried a hat. Larry wore a pair of blue jeans, a blue-and-white plaid short-sleeve shirt and sandals.

The drummer had his hair slicked back and wore a pair of skinny black sunglasses. Ali, Bono and Larry climbed into a boat at the swanky beach club U2 has released 12 studio albums and ranks among the all-time best-selling musical artists. The band formed in Dublin in and have recorded 12 studio albums ranging from their debut album Boy in to 's No Line On The Horizon.

U2 has been working on its 13th studio album expected to be released this year.

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