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This article's tone or style may not reflect the encyclopedic tone used on Wikipedia. See Wikipedia's guide to writing better articles for suggestions. February Learn how and when to remove this template message A job fair in New York City, March A job fair, also referred commonly as a career fair or career expo, is speed dating for companies and professionals job seekers. A job fair is an event in which employers, recruiters, and schools give information to potential employees. Likewise, online job fairs are held, giving job seekers another way to get in contact with probable employers using the internet. In-person[ edit ] In colleges , job fairs are commonly used for entry-level job recruitment. Often sponsored by career centers, job fairs provide a convenient location for students to meet employers and perform first interviews.

How to Answer the 150 Most Common Job Interview Questions

I discovered this job vacancy in the Careers section of your website. When I saw the job description and responsibilities, it looked like a great fit for my background and skillset. What about this job interests you? The first thing that caught my eye when I saw this position was that it was [name of company], and the opportunity was located in [name of the city where the job is located]. I love the idea of helping [insert who the customers are] [insert what the customers do].

I think my proactive style would fit in really well — especially with this particular position — and I know I could start delivering results from Day 1.

For example, 4 years ago, I started out studying law.

Interviews and speed dating- how to get a second date! December 3, By Laura Paradise Interviewing is a lot like speed dating. Getting asked for a second date comes down to chemistry, luck, and timing after all someone cute and smart could have showed up before you … as well as positive energy, confidence and short, smart, relevant answers. Except keep on top of job opportunities, network a lot, look your best and take a shower.

You can work on your energy, confidence and your ability to deliver a strong message clearly and succinctly. You got to know your message s. Aim to be relaxed, present and enthusiastic. The best preparation is to connect to your body and your breath and to make eye contact at eye level. When you look up or down your energy shifts away from yourself and you also disconnect from the interviewer. Your work fitting-in message: Make sure to convey those qualities during the interview.

Your work-doing skills message: Write down the key three job-doing skills that show you can do the most important job tasks.

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This is a way of interacting with them virtually and practical to get to know who they are.

Wendy Edgar called herself John Davies as she hounded and abused her victim for 13 months Image: Wendy Edgar, a year-old recruitment consultant, called herself John Davies as she hounded and abused her victim for 13 months. Edgar, from Kilmarnock , now faces jail. Her boyfriend David Campbell is said to be embarrassed by her crimes but is standing by her.

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Job interview speed dating style

Speed networking is like speed dating for professionals. It evolved from the speed dating model of meeting a lot of people in a short amount of time. Speed networking is a structured process for facilitating introductions and conversation between people who don't know each other. The model is often employed at events for college alumni groups , chamber of commerce groups, professional organizations, and college or corporate orientations to develop relationships among participants.

How Speed Networking Works A variety of methods can be used to structure interaction with a common thread being the rotation of participants so that each person gets the opportunity to interact with every other person attending the event. Each participant is allotted a period of time to introduce herself which will vary from 30 seconds to 5 minutes depending on the size of the group.

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Back to All Stories Job interviews are like a more awkward, less immediately gratifying, form of speed dating. Add to that intoxicating cocktail of discomfort the fact that, in a job interview, one person has almost all the power. So, you know, really fun! Obviously, none of these are fail-safe methods to landing your dream job. But they will help you put your best self forward — and, hopefully, make those speed-dating scenarios a little less awkward.

At best, saying the company is a great place to work is a little lazy so you Googled us? How are your skills applicable to this particular position? What skills are you currently developing, but want to further hone? How will you not just your skills and experience, but also your personality and approach to work take our team to the next level? Do your homework — on the company, the position, and the hiring manager.

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Job interview speed dating style What is a speed interview? This needs to be a short introduction, so make every word count. But also if there is a good. Speed interview technique If you are bold enough to try an assessment strategy that leverages speed interviewing, here are a few key lessons to keep in mind:

Edgar, from Kilmarnock , now faces jail.

For recruiters and candidates alike, this is often the longest and most stressful part of the hiring process. Now what if you could cut your interviewing process down to half, or even a quarter, of the time you usually spend? Modeled after the process of speed dating, this technique is not only fun for candidates, it also provides plenty of advantages for time-strapped campus recruiters. With speed interviews, the added time crunch adds a level of egg-citement to the interaction, often inspiring more genuine candidate responses than a regular-length interview.

Embracing a more innovative interviewing style can also help position your company as a forward-thinking brand — an important aspect for many young candidates! Immediate comparisons between candidates When your interview process is stretched out over days or even weeks, the details you remember about each candidate can start to get a little fuzzy. Saves time and resources This is one of the most obvious advantages of speed interviewing.

How to Answer the 150 Most Common Job Interview Questions

Posted by Helen Beckett on September 13, 2 comments Recruiters are more pressed for time than ever before as business, work and every kind of pressure conspire to squeeze time out of diaries. Speed dating is the go-to model in our time-constrained world for matching couples: But is speed dating really the perfect model to a sound hire? The psychology of speed dating is a bit like the principles behind brain storming.

Of course this may not be such a good thing for recruiters. The wrong candidate hired in a euphoric rush of dopamine, could prove very expensive indeed.

In the end, I was able to send him the tracking information, the date when the package would arrive, and the reason for the delay.

Email Recently, DialogTech did something a little unconventional. We invited Chicago-area tech talent to our office for a few rounds of speed dating. But rather than looking for love, they were looking for jobs. DialogTech saw this as a great opportunity to get as many qualified candidates in the door in a unique way. A realization I came to after the event was: With that in mind, I wanted to share some tips from a hiring manager on what you can do to make your interviewer fall in love.

Resume It starts before the interview. If you can fit it on a single-page resume, then include that as well. Appearance Bottom line… first impressions count.

Speed Interview

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