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Founder of online dating site Gaydar dies aged 51

Henry Badenhorst, the cofounder of the trailblazing Gaydar dating website, has died after falling from a tower block in his native South Africa, close friends of the businessman have confirmed to BuzzFeed News. The cause of death has not yet been formally established, but it is understood he killed himself. Along with Gary Frisch, his business and romantic partner, Badenhorst founded Gaydar in November Frisch died in — he also fell to his death from the balcony of a building. The couple dreamed up the website after a gay friend of theirs had been complaining about how hard it was to find a boyfriend on existing online dating sites. But it was Gaydar that made their name and their fortune, and forged incalculable connections between gay, bi and queer men.

Henry Badenhorst, Co-Founder of Groundbreaking ‘Gaydar’ Website, Dies In Suspected Suicide

In , Badenhorst founded Gaydar with his partner Gary Frisch who died in I am deeply saddened to have to announce that Henry Badenhorst has died. He was one of the sweetest men you could ever know. He changed life for gay and bisexual men and will be greatly missed by all. The man who revolutionised gay dating. Our founder and our friend.

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Advertisement What a Face Reveals Regardless of effectiveness, the study raises knotty questions about perceptions of sexual orientation. Nicholas Rule, a psychology professor at the University of Toronto, also studies facial perception. Using dating profile photos as well as photos taken in a lab, he has consistently found that photos of a face provide clues to all kinds of attributes, including sexuality and social class.

Rule, who is gay. That is not to say that all LGBTQ people have the similar facial features, or even that there are only two kinds of sexuality, he said. Kosinski is no stranger to attention. Liking curly fries, for example, was a reliable predictor of higher than average intelligence. Liking Wu-Tang Clan was a tip-off to male heterosexuality. All of our online likes, Dr.

Kosinski said, have left us vulnerable to microtargeting by political candidates, companies and others with nefarious intentions. Advertisement Continue reading the main story Within several weeks of publication, Facebook had changed its default settings, keeping likes private.

19+ The Top Best Online Dating Sites | Websites 2017

Share this article Share Richard Lane, from gay rights campaign group Stonewall, said: Many Gulf states have gone to great lengths to market themselves as open for international business. Their leaders should think long and hard about putting forward measures to restrict freedom of movement and further prohibit the best talent from doing business in the region simply because of their sexual orientation. Earlier this month Oman newspaper The Week was suspended over an article that was deemed to be sympathetic to homosexuals, according to the BBC.

Since , the government has executed more than 4, people charged with homosexual acts.

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Is She a Lesbian? – 6 Clear Signs to Know for Sure!

Generally, the objective of this communication is to develop personal, romantic or great relationship. These websites may offer more than one services like message boards, voip telephone chat, webcasts, webcam chats online chat. It's use conceptual frameworks to match people based on similar interests or personality types. Both free and paid dating services available on the internet. My friend Before using these websites use must create a personal profile and set a photo and complete personal information such as your hobbies, age, location, gender, physical attributes and career information.

Be honest in your online dating profile.

Badenhorst described the loss of Frisch as the worst day of his life and friends say he never fully recovered from it.

Stanford University A newly created artificial intelligence program can determine whether someone is gay or straight from a picture of their face with surprising accuracy. Lead researchers Michal Kosinski and Yilun Wang developed a program that used a deep neural network and complex mathematical algorithm. They pulled 35, facial images from a popular US online dating site and analyzed them alongside the information on sexual orientation provided by the site. They then ran the data through a logistic regression aimed at classifying sexual orientation.

This algorithm then calculates how the facial features correlate to different sexual orientations. This classification system used both fixed facial features, ones that are generally defined by biological factors like nose shape, and transient facial features, ones that are decided by personal choice like hairstyle, as factors in determining the sexual orientation the person. The program found that gay men and women tended to have gender-atypical facial morphology, expression, and grooming styles.

That means that both their chosen features and their biologically determined features are less like straight members of their gender, and often more masculine in women and more feminine in men. These results seem to support ideas that biological and hormonal factors contribute to sexuality. Next, learn about the first gay pride festival in Lebanon , a country where being gay can land you in prison.

Then check out these images from the early days of the gay rights movement.

Dating Profile Generator

What would you like to see added to our site? Give us a feel for the kind of person that you are, and we'll write a description of you in the tone we think you'd take if you bothered to write it yourself. How to create a great dating profile 1. Choose who you would like to attract. Give us some keywords to play with or let us prompt some ideas at random.

M4MClassifieds is abuzz with activity in their gay forums, email, and chat.

Close This article is 2 months old Henry Badenhorst pictured in Henry Badenhorst , who set up Gaydar with his then partner Gary Frisch from their house in Twickenham in , died in his native South Africa on Saturday. He is believed to have killed himself. Gaydar Gaydar To Henry. The man who revolutionised gay dating. Our founder and our friend. Thank you for dreaming. You will be forever in our hearts. The couple had split up several months previously but remained business partners.

They had moved to London from South Africa in to set up the IT firm QSoft, which provided revenue-management systems for airlines. But it took two weeks for him to get a response, so we said that we were sure we could create something specifically for the gay market. It went on to become one of the most popular dating sites for gay and bisexual men, starting as a desktop-based website before launching an app in Its influence was such that its role in facilitating gay dating has been regularly acknowledged.

From its humble beginnings, it grew into a portfolio of websites and an award-winning radio station.

19 Best “Gay Personals” Sites Online (Free, Local, Daddy, Black & Mature)

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Basic facial-detection technology was used to select all images which showed a single face of sufficient size and clarity to subject to analysis. This left 35, pictures of 14, people, with gay and straight, male and female, all represented evenly. When the resulting model was run on data which it had not seen before, it far outperformed humans at distinguishing between gay and straight faces.

In both cases the level of performance far outstrips human ability to make this distinction. This aligns with research which suggests humans can determine sexuality from faces at only just better than chance. As fetuses develop in the womb, they are exposed to various levels of hormones, in particular testosterone.

Seriously, Science?

Scientific research[ edit ] Most of the research on this issue can be filed into the field called Physiognomy , very popular in the 19th century when it has been used as a basis for scientific racism, along with Physical anthropology. Perhaps the earliest study [6] asked people to judge sexual orientation from video clips, with results concluding that it was a myth. A later study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology showed that people could judge sexual orientation more accurately than chance.

Punishment ranges from flogging to death.

Share Tweet Pin It While the best way to know if someone is a lesbian is to ask, you can also count on your own senses to deduce if a girl is actually into other girls. If Spiderman has this so called Spidey-sense, gays have Gaydars! But what if you are at a party and there is this woman you are really attracted to. You think she is into you but you are not sure. What will you do then?

Remember that there are no hard and fast rules and certainly no accurate online lesbian tests to determine if a person is Lizzie the Lezzy or not. The best, simplest and not to mention foolproof way to find out if she is gay or nay or potentially interested is basically to ask her. Why do guys love it when two women make out?

Yes, if you think you are brave enough, then ask her straight. Just be sure to have a pretty thick face, lest it be met with a backhand slap.

19+ The Top Best Online Dating Sites | Websites 2017

What does it reveal about our post-privacy world? Over evolutionary time, the human brain has become an exceptional reader of the human face—computerlike, we like to think. A viewer instinctively knows the difference between a real smile and a fake one. In July, a Canadian study reported that college students can reliably tell if people are richer or poorer than average simply by looking at their expressionless faces.

A Mostly Scientific Investigation.

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Why Stanford Researchers Tried to Create a ‘Gaydar’ Machine

Grindr Founded in , Grindr is a location-based social network that specifically caters to gay men around the world. Connecting people of all backgrounds in free gay personals, this global community uses screening tools to protect members so they can flirt safely from anywhere on the app. More than 9 million singles have created profiles on Hornet and log in from cities around the world, from Houston to London, to meet new people.

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