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Patti Stanger: How to Hook Up at Holiday Parties

Here's the best way to get it on. Well, when you take alcohol, holiday parties and a bunch of people who work together you're, absolutely, positively, just begging for disaster. As we covered a couple weeks ago, people are getting it on or at least fantasizing about it at the office even without the holiday spirit pumping through their somewhat drunken veins. In fact, the top three festivities for holiday hookups can be attributed to New Year's, Christmas and workplace parties, respectively. So, if you're planning to seduce that guy from the graphic design department this holiday, where should you do it? Honestly, no place is off limits if you're creative and limber enough. Any type of room is bound to have a door. Even if it doesn't lock, you can at least put some obstacles in front of it that will allow you time to pull your skirt back down before you're totally caught in the buff. Thanks to far too many movies that hooking up on a copy machine look hot, you're liable to end up not completely alone.

Bosses reveal the Christmas party sins you don't want to commit

I spent the majority of the gift exchange eyeing Siobhan, hands down the hottest girl in our office. She is two, maybe three years out of university, a sort of natural blonde, and she was always flirting with me, so I thought that maybe the Christmas drinks would be a good opportunity to take it to the next level. On Friday she had chosen black leather pants and stilettos, with a tight red sparkly V-neck jumper showing off her ample assets, and a little red Santa hat to top it off.

Eventually it was my turn to receive a gift. A girl named Mar, someone I barely knew, had drawn my name, and handed me a carefully wrapped up a box of vintage Christmas lights, the kind that have little fluted flowers around the bulb.

And then, at that moment, in the warm light of the bar and the haze of bourbon, I realised that she was pretty.

My boss showed the entire staff that he has five nipples. He even let one girl touch the 5th one. All thirty of us ended up on top of a mountain at sunrise, naked and drunk. We then went for breakfast and back to work. Second coworker tells him to show him a move, gets choked unconscious. Cue manager freaking the fuck out when he finds an employee not moving on the floor. He woke up eventually. Drunk file clerk put the CEO in a headlock.

Drunk file clerk puts CEO in headlock. A coworker male fucked a stripper with a strap-on, all sanctioned by the boss. It was fucking awesome. I worked as a porn editor at the time, so it was appropriate to the situation.

Full Cast & Crew

Plot[ edit ] The office staffers hold a " Secret Santa " gift exchange at their Christmas party. Jim Halpert John Krasinski received Pam Beesly 's Jenna Fischer name, and puts a great deal of effort into getting her the perfect gift a teapot filled with some small items and a personal letter from him to her. He is disappointed by the handmade oven glove he receives from Phyllis Lapin Phyllis Smith and introduces a " Yankee Swap ", in which someone can choose to steal someone else's gift or open a new one.

Jim is left feeling uncertain about the fate of his special present for Pam—which is eventually claimed by Dwight Schrute Rainn Wilson —while the staff competes for the iPod.

Other forms of entertainment are magicians, comedians and dancers.

Posted on June 30, 6 Unique Company Christmas Party Theme Ideas Here comes the season to be jolly once more, and offices are adamant to find the perfect Christmas party theme. So, this year you want the theme to be unique as possible. Here are some of the most original and fun themes that will get you and your colleagues to feel the Christmas spirit. The movie, which was set in s, is one of the most well-loved Holiday movies of all time.

This theme is for the traditional-loving office. For your party, you can center the celebration on holiday traditions in s, s or from s to s. Conduct activities such as shoot-the-balloon and hand winners with themed prizes like decoder pins, soaps, mini leg lamps and other prizes that represent the movie. You can also ask the caterer to serve appetizers with potatoes and desserts with cranberries.

These Real Stories of Holiday Office Party Hookups Deserve Slow Claps

Offer gratitude for your guests with a simple and sweet message: Hook your guests in with one of these festive messages. Then, transition into the party details date, location, RSVP, etc.

When in doubt, check with colleagues — or HR.

Join over subscribers and receive a new article each week. Unique Holiday Party Theme: Arguably one of the most famous holiday movies around, A Christmas Story takes place in the s. Center your party theme around typical holiday celebrations of that decade, scattering details from the Christmas movie favorite throughout the evening. The menu can feature favorites from the movie, such as duck and turkey. Serve Coca-Cola in glass bottles, or even hire a soda jerk to scoop root beer floats and milkshakes to guests.

Place traditionally-decorated Christmas trees throughout the venue.

The Office: A Benihana Christmas, 3.10-11

But there are certain party sins you don't want to commit. Bosses tell us what you should never, ever do. Supplied IT'S the night you've been waiting for all year. But you might not realise that one night of white wine and telling people what you really think, could actually do your career ambitions serious harm. Read on for their answers - and don't say you haven't been warned. It's extremely bad form if you RSVP and don't make it.

Get hammered somewhere elsewhere.

The meaning, the lights, the presents, the purpose of the Holiday is beautiful. Sometimes you can feel the joy being sucked right out of you because of the pressure that comes with the season. So why not cut loose a bit, play a couple of games and spend time making each other laugh. If that sounds like a great idea just check out some of these jolly games, we even threw in some Minute to Win It style Christmas games. Split your guests up into teams.

Give each team a roll of the green streamer, ornaments, garland and tinsel. When the clock starts set it for at least one minute the teams will race to wrap one of their members in the streamer. This person is now the tree and needs to be decorated quickly. The teams have until the buzzer goes off to decorate their trees. Once the time is up the groups will vote on who had the prettiest or most creative looking tree and that team wins. You will need a small stocking, a lot of candy canes, chopsticks and a large bowl.

You can usually find these stockings at your local dollar stores. Fill the bowl with the candy canes and place the bowl in the center of a table.

33 Christmas Party Games Just for the Adults

Holiday party invitations are probably flooding your inbox faster than Santas are invading shopping malls. So, just how do you navigate the cocktail-infused waters of the corporate holiday party? Here are a few of my favorites: So if the situation is right, discreetly hand out your card—in the spirit of the season, others may be more agreeable to make connections on your behalf. Whatever you choose, remember:

Thus, the show features a liquor store worker wearing a tie.

Not even a little! Do not be fooled! If you work at MTV, I guess, do whatever you want. This is a false sense of security built up by ping-pong tables and cocktail weenies. These are still your co-workers, whom you have to see every day. That is still your boss, in charge of hiring and firing. This is not a safe space. Be on high alert and watch those other suckers dig their own graves.

32 Office Christmas Parties That Got Totally Out Of Hand

Pin It Employees work hard all year long. Playing games is a great way to get the holiday party started and keep the fun going. Check out our list of 30 ideas to keep your team entertained. Most Festive Work Space Contest - Before the party, encourage employees to decorate their cubicle in a seasonal theme. At the Christmas party, announce winners.

Think about incorporating some of these Top 18 Holiday Drink Recipes at your holiday gathering.

If your Christmas party at work is usually dead dull, here are some suggestions to liven it up. Steps 1 Get into the spirit. Make the office look like Christmas for starters. That's a big lead in to spreading and building the cheer pre-party. This will lighten up the atmosphere a lot without drowning out conversation. Try to steer clear of the dull Christmas music though; find music that rocks. There will always be one party-pooper who grumbles about whatever you choose; just ignore them.

There is usually a lot of alcohol some of it not so good but the food is often neglected. For many workplaces, people are really tired by this time of the year and they've been snacking a lot rather than eating well. Consider putting out healthy and delicious food.

Christmas Party Games For Your Office Holiday Party

Staff behaving badly at office Christmas party could leave employers footing bigger bill Independent. It may be the season of goodwill, but sexual harassment, bullying and free drink can create toxic results - and employers are liable even if it's not happening at the office. The employers' group has advised owners of small businesses to take pre-emptive action to stop things getting out of hand. Misbehaviour or mishaps involving staff can end up having to be paid for by companies, even if it doesn't happen on company time.

In this regard, a work-related event is seen as an extension of the workplace and it is important that employers and employees are aware of their obligations from the outset," SFA director Patricia Callan said. The employers' group said before a party started was a good time to remind everyone of employment policies around discipline, bullying, harassment and social media.

Now I realised why she had bought them.

A great holiday party includes festive decorations, tasty holiday food, and an assortment of fun activities for your guests. Holiday parties take a little planning and preparation, but if you consider all these factors your guests will have a lovely time. Steps Planning Ahead 1 Start planning one month in advance. Plan the Christmas party up to five weeks ahead, if possible.

Notify guests by at least a week or two in advance to give your guests ample time to make their plans. Try to check with your friends ahead of time to see what existing obligations everyone already has. This way, you can get an idea about what date is best for the largest number of people. The holidays are filled with travel, family, and work obligations, so most people are very busy.

Since the holidays can be such a busy time of the year, you might consider throwing the party a few days after Christmas so more people can come. Having your holiday party at home is an easier and cheaper! Keep your budget in mind when evaluating locations. Decide who you want to invite and make a list so you can keep track of how many people are planning to attend. Consider if you want children to come or not. Invite friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, or whoever else you want to celebrate the holidays with.

Office Christmas Party (2016) - Christmas is Canceled Scene (1/10)

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